Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Iran wants to start talking, again. I'm not sure we want to listen.

After Iran broke the IAEA seals on its nuclear research plants a week ago, the EU3 declared that the diplomatic exchanges with Iran were "dead". Just recently, an Iranian official sent those EU nations a letter asking for the talks to be re-started. Evidently, the prospect of UN sanctions didn't sound as fun to some clear headed Iranians as it did to Ahmedinejad. It appears that the international community has tired of playing Iran's games:

"Major powers have dismissed Iran's call for the European Union to resume talks on Tehran's nuclear stand-off with the West."

It really isn't just the west that doesn't want to see Iran with nukes. Its literally everyone else in the world, perhaps except Syria. The Saudis, Qatar, and other gulf states have even urged Iran to stop seeking nuclear technology. Russia appears to be ready to act against Iran in the Security Council should the need arise. The only questionable at this point seems to be China, but I don't see them acting alone on such an obviously important issue.

Russia has the right idea. If Iran wants to start talking again, it needs to first cease all nuclear research.

Iran has also threatened to stop selling oil to the rest of the world if sanctions are imposed on it. Sounds like a nice economic weapon paper, but reality isn't so simple. Tehran needs oil revenue just as much as we need the oil. The Iranian government wouldn't last a year without oil revenue under UN sanctions.

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