Thursday, October 02, 2008

the VP debate

The only question that matters is this: do you think that your VP pick is ready to lead the United States, and the world, starting in January of 2009?

I don't know how anyone voting Republican can give an honest "yes" to that question.

Over the last two weeks I have seen much that would make me question the depth of Sarah Palin's knowledge regarding crucial issues. Her performance in this "debate" did nothing to dispel my skepticism, and therefore she failed. She managed to not embarrass herself, I'll give her that. Maybe we should be setting the bar a bit higher.


Anonymous said...

But were you impressed with Biden??? The guy is a snake. I agree that Palin should not be President but what are the chances that happens???? I think she did well tonight.

Anonymous said...

To expand, Biden is a 30 year senator which makes me dislike him from the start, cheated in law school, plagiarized speeches and tried his best to fluster Palin but couldn't.

Anonymous said...

If the most unlikely event actually happened, I would rather have Palin stepping into the top job than Biden. Palin is intelligent and a quick study. She is extremely well liked and would be able to get a team of advisors and experts to guide her, which a good president should do anyway.