Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes, this is the institution that should lead world affairs

UN split on homosexual decriminalization

Keep in mind, this isn't a debate over gay marriage or civil unions. This bill simply would have asserted that one should not be punished for being a homosexual. Being hung in Iran, or stoned to death in Saudi Arabia, for the crime of being a homosexual.

Let us not forget that, 140 years ago, half of the states of this nation fought to defend slavery.

And heres the kicker: the US didn't sign the bill either. Our excuse was a technicality, but it sucked all the same. Apparently the US isn't the institution that should lead world affairs, either (and we certainly are not under Bush; hence my vote for Obama*).

If one was serious about wanting to win the war on terrorism, they'd see the folly of this. The best way to undermine the radical extremism that is endemic in many of these nations is to promote reform from within. We should be siding with the disenfranchised, not supporting the bullies.

*Obama has already thrown gays under the bus. They make a great sacrificial lamb, don't they? This does not actually surprise me all that much, though. Obama isn't the left winger that his base hopes and the right fears. I've always thought that he is a centrist who is masquerading as a leftist. His post election actions have confirmed my suspicion, to the dismay of the left-wingers.

That doesn't mean I approve of stoking social conservatives with an anti-gay preacher, but I obviously approve of the centrist cabinet picks, Gates for sec def, pardoning Lieberman, et cetera. Bill Clinton threw homosexuals under the bus too. Seems to be standard operating procedure, doesn't it?

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