Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ignorant or Malicious

I think the organizers are mostly the latter, and the attendees are mostly the former.
It is funny though that many conservatives are saying that Muslims should not build a mosque anywhere near ground zero out of sensitivity for the victims of 9/11 families.  There is an obvious parallel to this rally in the pre-civil rights oppression of African Americans, incidentally by a cohort of Americans then that is remarkably similar to the average tea party protester today.


Julie said...

Not sure who you mean by "many " . The conservatives I ask in my "informal pole " in very conservative Carmel, IN say U.S citizens of muslim faith have the same freedom to build a place of worship as any other U.S. citizen . By "many" maybe you mean the media ( both conservative and liberal ) who are trying to stir up controversy to improve their ratings.

Julie said...

By the media and others making such a big deal about this, we are losing out on an opportunity to show the world how America is free and our citizens are free to practice their religion in peace.