Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Killing Osama Bin Laden

I guess its good in that it satiates our desire for vengence, but killing OBL isn't going to change a ton in the "war on terror".  Take Iraq.  We captured Saddam, but the war only got worse.  It wasn't until we changed our strategy that we made progress.  That Saddam was in jail and subsequently executed really didn't make much of a difference in the course of the war.  Maybe it was an important step...maybe not.
So now there is all of this jubilation that bin Laden is dead, we got our revenge, fine.  We're still fighting a war in Afghanistan, we haven't made much progress, and we're almost bankrupt as a nation.  That was OBL's entire strategy.  He knew he couldn't beat the United States in a conventional war, and he didn't try.  His plan was to draw us in and bleed us with a thousand pin-pricks.  Are we playing his game or our game?  Did we play right into his hands? 
I'd be more willing to celebrate if OBL's strategy had failed.

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