Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Republican Yacht

I'm honestly completely baffled by the GOP's approach to trying to reform Medicare via the debt ceiling vote.  Their strategy has zero chance of working.  Even if the GOP could get it through both houses of congress, which they can't, Obama is not going to sign a bill which repeals the ACA or Medicare just like that.

So the GOP is trying this crazy strategy, which can't work, and they are going to get politically wrecked for it anyway for even trying it.  The only way this makes sense to me is if this isn't a strategy at all.  The Republican Party is like a rudderless yacht with a hundred captains all insisting it remain at full throttle despite lack of steering. 

As a continuation of a recent post about the intent of the founders, I really question whether we live in a republic anymore.  In a republic, the representatives are supposed to be principled but also pragmatic, willing to compromise to get most of what they want even if they lose some, and above all work to secure the future of the nation as a whole.  Our representatives don't do that.  They cater to every fickle inclination of their constituents and refuse to compromise on anything at all.  It really is a form of direct democracy.

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