Monday, August 08, 2011

Obama and the Debt Ceiling

I do have to say that I am fairly taken aback by the remarkable lack of strategic planning that went into Obama's approach to the debt ceiling battle.  As I said before, he was in a position from which he could have easily won a confontation with Republicans and probably humiliated them in the process.  Their bargaining position was very weak, and their hubris *should* have left them quite exposed.
The idea that Obama wouldn't have wanted to win a battle is crazy, too.  I can appreciate value of a strategic retreat, which is what I figured the capitulation over the Bush-era tax cuts was.  At some point though if Obama wants to advance any of his political goals at all, he will need to stop and reverse the GOP momentum.  This was his opportunity, and he totally blew it.
Such an obvious demonstration of incompetence, apathy, or perhaps both explains quite a lot.

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