Sunday, November 06, 2011

The rebirth of my contempt for the left

The Nation writes a sob-story about some idiot who went $ 35,000 in debt in order to secure a degree in puppetry. This apparently is to highlight the injustice that Occupy Wall Street is fighting again, and no, they aren't joking.

One of the consequences of electing a somewhat moderate, consensus-building Democrat like Obama is that the fringe elements on the left have taken a backseat in the last several years. The only visible extremists in the national discourse have been on the right, but I think this will change a lot in the coming months with OWS.

Hat-tip to Tyler Cowen. He has another great post on the problem with American graduates. Yes, more people are attending college. The numbers of students graduating w/ degrees in math, science, computing, and engineering has not budged one iota since 1985.

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