Tuesday, August 07, 2012

HCA "controversy" is the butt of a four+ year old internet parody video

There is a video on youtube which is now over four years old which many physicians-in-training find hilarious:
The "news" that physicians in Florida are performing unindicated procedures because they have a financial incentive to do so is not news to anyone in the health care profession.
People respond to incentives.  There are incentives to perform procedures.  Physicians are people.  Follow me?


julie said...

Yep! But the billion dollar question ( literally, unfortunately) is how do we fix this problem ? We need to totally overhaul this system. We also need to put incentives in place for the public to want to be healthy.

Nicholas said...

For starters, we have to end the fee-for-service payment model. Total conflict of interest if doctors get paid for offering treatment but not if they don't.