Monday, April 24, 2006

No good news

Sometimes one feels like the world is on a downward spiral. I'm usually pretty optimistic, but not right now. Here are some reasons why I'm feeling pessimistic.

Israel/Palestine: A suicide bomber attacks Israel; Hamas refuses to condemn the attack. It also refuses to try to stop more bombers from striking. It refuses to change its charter, and so is on the brink of financial collapse as aid money is held by the West. Naturally, Bin Laden is using the West's economic warfare as a rallying cry.

Iraq: Sectarian bombings continue to kill scores of people. The spineless George Bush refuses to fire Rumsfeld, who is more than anyone responsible for the mess in Iraq. This President's incompetence is worthy of impeachment. I really hope the Dems take congress in 2006 so they can oust this pathetic weakling of a President. One tidbit of good news from Iraq, though. The political deadlock is over, and Prime Minister Jafaari has been replaced by Jawad al-Maliki. Whether this makes any difference remains to be seen.

Sudan: Bin Laden has called on holy warriors to attack any UN peacekeepers that set foot in Sudan. Already 200,000 civilians dead and 1 million displaced in the worst genocide since Rwanda. The UN will do nothing to stop this; certainly not in the face of Islamic terrorists. And people around the world will continue to rationalize our inaction with silence. You can almost hear them thinking, "we shouldn't be meddling in Arab countries." Bin Laden must be proud.

Iran: More belligerence, more enrichment, more anti-Israel rhetoric. It never gets old, does it? As much as I'd like to see it done, the US absolutely should not bomb Iran unilaterally. And yet, there is this really unsettling feeling in my stomach that our retarded cowboy-president has already decided to do just that. Maybe he thinks "bold" action will bring up his poll ratings. I could mention that I might support UN-sanctioned airstrikes on Iran. But lets be serious. The UN could never pass such a resolution; not with China, Russia, and France sitting on the security council.

World Economy: A worldwide economic collapse may be imminent (within 5 years) as oil prices continue to rise. Iran could make this happen a lot faster, if it was so inclined. I get the feeling that they will be soon.

I'll post good news if I can find it.

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