Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Its over!!!

Granted, people who have been paying attention know that Obama won the nomination a long time ago. This has only gone on so long because the media wouldn't accept that Obama won until he delivered a "knockout blow" to Hillary. Last night, Obama delivered. North Carolina was a humiliation for HRC, who believed that she was going to keep it close. Indiana, with its abundant blue collar, working class, non-college educated white folk, aka "Hillary's base", should have went strongly for Hillary. Polls showed her winning by 6+ percent.

In reality, she couldn't even give her victory speech with confidence, because Indiana was still up in the air at that point. Bill was standing next to her, and he was absolutely furious. His face was as red as a monkey's ass. The Clintons knew last night that this race was over. I am so proud of Indiana, for being the state that finally destroyed the Clinton machine. Its been an exciting election thus far, but I'm glad its over. It has been a huge distraction, and I have work to do.

...and it most certainly is over. John McCain doesn't stand even a remote chance of beating Obama in November.


Anonymous said...

While I agree with you 100% about your clinton v. obama debate......I would not go so far as to say McCain stands no chance. What makes you so sure that Obama will beat him hands down?

(either way its not going to be a great 4 years, both are weak senatorial candidates that probably won't do too much)

Nicholas said...

Obama wins for at least 6 good reasons:

1. Democrat base is far more riled up than the GOP base after having endured 8 years of Bush.

2. Iraq.

3. Economy.

4. Obama will beat McCain for the independent vote.

5. Obama will win more republicans (Obamacans are a growing force) than McCain will win democrats.

6. The GOP base doesn't particularly like McCain. A large segment of the base despises McCain. Hillary Clinton was the only thing that could have mobilized the GOP base.