Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nightmare Ticket

I have a message for Barack Obama. As an independent, I am sure that I speak for many of my kind when I say this: If you pick Hillary Clinton to be your running mate, I'm voting for John McCain.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton don't "complement each other", as so many lunatics on the news have been claiming lately. The idea that their union would constitute a "dream ticket" is absolutely absurd. Lets face it - having Hillary on the ticket isn't really going to affect what her base does all that much. Most of them will fall in line behind whichever Democrat is nominated. It would be stupid for Obama to pick a VP with so many negatives.

I can guarantee that John McCain is rooting for Hillary. If Obama was so foolish, say goodbye to any Republicans that were thinking about supporting him. Say goodbye to a lot of Independents, too; they get along with McCain just fine. However, pick Hillary for VP, and say hello to a massive mobilization of life-long republicans. These are the people that are upset with Bush, don't particularly love McCain, and since Obama doesn't annoy them all that much, they might have stayed home on election day. Not anymore. The prospect of a Hillary Clinton vice presidency, or worse (remember, RFK was shot in June), will mobilize these people in vast numbers. They will vote not for John McCain, but against Hillary Clinton.

I've said it dozens of times. Anyone who thinks that the gay marriage issue can mobilize the conservative vote hasn't seen anything yet. With defeating Hillary Clinton as a rallying cry, McCain cannot lose. Don't do it Barack. You don't owe her anything. She'll probably poison your food or try to kill you in your sleep, anyway.

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