Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Larry Summers a sexist?

The answer would depend on whether or not one believes that truth trumps political correctness. I think it does. A great many people do not. For the record, I don't like those people - which is why I feel the need to post this at all.


Addendum: I don't think many people will understand the point I've made above, so allow me to clarify. I don't care whether men or women are better at math. This is only an issue because a bunch of left-wingers with an agenda read a study, misread the data (either deliberately or in ignorance), and used it to continue to make the case that Larry Summers is a sexist. When the study is analyzed correctly, and put into context with what Summers actually said, the data supports Summers, not the other way around.

I've written before of this, but the dogma of political correctness is an eternal source of friction between myself and the left. The left prides itself on intellectualism and the search for truth, but in reality group-think and stifling of dissent saturates any leftist discourse. You can't have your own opinions, you can only tow the line.

The right, on the other hand, simply lies. I almost prefer that; it's less insidious.


Addendum number 2:

"What's interesting is not only that Larry was fundamentally right about the facts (no surprise there), but that much of the mainstream media are still reporting otherwise." -Greg Mankiw (economics professor @ Harvard, former colleague of Summers, author of my favorite econ blog)

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