Tuesday, July 08, 2008

John McCain

I just don't get it. The way someone becomes president in this nation is to pander to the base in the primary, and then move back to the middle during the general campaign. John McCain had vast appeal to independents and moderates for years because he wasn't so reflexively 'conservative' on some issues.

McCain has had the GOP nomination locked down for months. What has he been doing since then? Moving to the right, pandering to conservatives, and alienating moderates! Meanwhile, Barack Obama has been moving to the middle ground, to the relief of independents like myself who never took to his populist economic rhetoric.

Its almost like he is trying to lose the election, or he is losing his mind. I guess I'm not too concerned either way, because I obviously want Obama to win. Still, it saddens me some to see McCain go out like this. I always liked him.

P.S. Intrade has Obama 65% to McCain's 31% right now. We may be looking at a landslide. Come to terms with an Obama presidency, because its going to happen!

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