Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another conservative for Barack Obama

One can never quite read enough of these. My belief is that any conservative with foresight is supporting Obama. Such people have been demanding the heads of the current run of GOP leaders for their failures. They know that the best way to punish those leaders IS NOT to put them back in power for the next four years. It is to purge their asses from office until they get their act together.

Meanwhile, Obama has regained his lead over McCain on Intrade. Just a few days ago it was 47%-52% Obama-McCain; now its 51%-48% Obama-McCain. It will keep shifting back in Obama's favor. Historical precedent is very clear about this - economic disasters are bad for the incumbent party. It isn't helping McCain's case that he doesn't have a plan to deal with the economic crisis while Obama does. It also doesn't help McCain's case that he reportedly doesn't think the economy is in trouble, that he thinks the "rich" are people who make more than 5 million a year (making 2 million/year is middle class, I guess), or that he doesn't know how many houses he has.

The biggest thing that hurts me is to see John McCain become the very thing he stood against. He used to be a genuine maverick; he wasn't afraid to stand up to the GOP leadership or to "agents of intolerance". Now he panders to them. Instead of sticking with his centrist, independent-friendly credentials, he is sucking up to the evangelical base by picking an ignorant nobody to be his vice president. For Christ's sake, she didn't even know what the "Bush Doctrine" was. Has she been paying ANY attention over the last 5 years? It is absolutely outrageous. It is reckless. And the new biggest thing that annoys me is when a person tries to equate her experience with Obama's, to suggest there is no difference between Palin and Obama. It is painfully obvious that he is at least 10 times smarter than she is.

I would have been just as relentless had Obama picked such an ignoramus as a VP because there is a higher-than-usual possibility that he could be shot, whether we like to think it or not. So his VP pick was all the more important. McCain too has a higher risk of death than a typical president, due to his age and health. If I knew for sure he wouldn't die, that would be one thing. But we don't know that. And I don't want a Commander in Chief that apparently thinks going to war with Russia is not a big deal. Republican Senator Hagel seems to agree with me.

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