Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Polls show physicians plan to retire.

I keep reading these polls that Obama critics are sending around. 40% of nurses are going to retire now, 45% of doctors plan to leave the profession, et cetera ad nauseum. I don't think I can emphasize enough how worthless this polling data is, and how little stock we should put in it.

A lot of doctors and nurses are Republicans, and Republicans generally weren't supportive of Obama's reforms. So it really shouldn't be surprising that a lot of docs and nurses opposed Obama's HCR (a minority, but still a substantial one). So now we turn around and poll a Republican who happens to be a doctor or nurse, immediately after HCR is passed, if they are going to quit early. Are we surprised if they're more likely to say yes?

This isn't to say that HCR won't make more docs and nurses leave the field, because it certainly could. But if you really want meaningful data about how HCR is affecting physician and RN labor habits, start doing statistics after reforms have been implemented. You don't get that data by asking loaded poll questions right after a contentious political fight.

I stand by an earlier conviction: Obama's reforms were reforms regarding access to health care, not the delivery of health care. The latter hasn't been addressed, but should be.
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