Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who thought Bush was doing a good job?

During the waning years of the Bush Administration, W's approval ratings bottomed out in the 27-29% range. There seemed to be this stubborn, unflinching cohort of Americans who still thought he was actually doing a good job as president.

Thanks to a recent poll, we found out what happened to this mysterious cohort. Almost two thirds of Tea Party protesters have a favorable view of GW Bush.

Even though Bush expanded entitlements with medicare part D, and didn't even bother to fund them (take that Jim Bunning!).

Even though Bush drastically increased the federal budget, increased the deficit, and increased the size of government.

Even though the massive bailouts of Wall Street banks started under Bush.

I could go on and on. If one reads the things the Tea Party pays lip service to, and then learns that they still love Bush...I dunno. On the one hand, this is just about the most unsurprising thing I've read all day. On the other hand you've really got to hand it to a group of people who can embrace a complete contradiction while keeping a straight face. These are also the same people who screamed "no government run health care" while also yelling "don't touch my medicare". Hypocrisy of this magnitude almost becomes a curiosity rather than remain simply an irritant. You really start to wonder, "How?". Like from a psychological perspective.

On my facebook profile, I have my political views listed as libertarian. Its almost embarrassing to have that now that the Tea Partiers (ie the Republican ultra-base) have adopted that label. Trust me though; the tea party movement ideology (if you can call it that) has about as much in common with libertarianism as China does with communism.

Oops! I slipped. Bad Nick.
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