Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lessons from the contraception controversy.

1.  Nice to see the GOP so concerned with Catholic opinion (seriously).  I assume this means they agree that the death penalty should go and that we should extend unemployment benefits.

2.  The real story here is how ridiculous it is that health insurance is tied to our jobs.  Breaking that link will help with cost control, and will enhance labor market fluidity by encouraging riskier moves on the part of workers.  (Health insurance is an anchor keeping talented people at 'safe' jobs instead of going solo, with a new firm, etc.)

3.  Obama is unwise for picking a fight with the Catholic Church.  He thinks Republicans are stubborn?  It took the church 360 years to exonerate Galileo.

4.  Catholics themselves need to be more active participants in their church's theology.  Family planning is smart, not sinful.  It reduces abortions.  It results in healthier families and societies.  Condoms can prevent disease, reducing the health care burden and suffering.  The Catholic Church needs to have a new council to address these issues for the 21st century.  Their flock, but not the government, should be pushing for that.

5.  Mitt Romney enacted similar regulations in Massachusetts as governor.  Enjoy your nominee, Republican Party.  You could have had Jon Huntsman but nope he wasn't crazy enough for you.  Now you get Obama until 2016.

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