Monday, February 13, 2012

Would Republicans be OK with Sharia law being applied to Christians?

Interesting hypothetical:

"Suppose the Muslim owner of a large company that employs Muslims and non- Muslims (or even just Muslims) wants to be exempt from insuring medical stuff except in cases where male employees see male doctors and female employees see female doctors. The owner find it objectionable that 'his money' should pay for anything he finds religiously repugnant, and this is his take on sharia law. Would Republicans have any objection?"

Call me crazy, but something tells me that John Boehner wouldn't exactly be rallying people to support the religious freedom of the Muslim business owner here. Many more hypothetical scenarios here. Again...the real story is that health insurance has no business being tied to employment status. Especially not in the increasingly liquid labor market that we live in. The link causes economic problems, ethical problems, and political problems.

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