Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Clintonian melt-down

First Hillary chokes up while essentially patronizing the decision of American citizens to seek Obama to lead this country. Then Bill becomes quite angry about the whole situation. They behave as if Hillary was owed the Presidency. Actually, I sometimes wonder whether they really believe that.

What really scares me is how entrenched power in America has become. A "political aristocracy" has been formed (not my phrase). The Bush family is obviously the first that comes to mind; fortunately I suspect their fortunes are over. But consider the Clinton family. Hillary was essentially a lock for this nomination. There was no serious challenger to her, until Obama showed up. Imagine if Obama didn't exist. Hillary Clinton would have steamrolled though to get the nomination, and then probably would have won the presidency as well. She would have done so not because she would be a far better president than anyone else - its because she is a Clinton. The power in that family is incredible. It makes one realize how amazing it is that Obama was ever able to challenge that.

What saddens me is that a phenom like Obama is so rare. This sort of thing should be happening all of the time, to shatter the death-grip that the political elites have on what goes on in this country. I don't forget Ron Paul, too. He would be a powerful contender for the GOP nomination if he was a little bit less crazy about certain things. I suspect that central to it all is the internet and its power to get a message across. The internet has become the great equalizer, leveling the playing field between candidates with little money (ie, Ron Paul, Obama) and those with plenty of money and powerful political backing (Clinton, Romney).

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