Friday, January 04, 2008

Where the Independents went

From Andrew Sullivan:

Among independents, Clinton came a poor third: 17 percent to Obama's 41. And McCain lost out to Paul: 23 percent to 29. The (two) men with the most support among independents - the people you need to win a general election - are the most despised by the Republican base (McCain and Paul).

I'm beginning to feel that the theme of this 2008 election is a rejection of the establishment. HRC was the inevitable Democrat candidate; the political machine backing her may be the most powerful ever. And yet she is being beaten by a black man, when so many people said that Americans were too racist for Obama to win.

Meanwhile, the GOP had murdered McCain months ago and left him for dead; his campaign nearly bankrupt. From day one, Fox News has been sabotaging the campaign of Ron Paul. However, independents are capable of thinking for themselves and will make up their own minds. They have rallied around Paul and McCain. They are rejecting the cookie-cutter status quo candidates being thrown at them by the GOP establishment (Guliani, Romney).

This election, independents are loudly reminding the Republican and Democratic party bosses that the people call the shots in this country, not political elites.

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