Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Evil, subversive, anti-democratic bastards.

No, I'm not speaking of dictators or terrorists. I am speaking of the people who call the shots at Fox News. There is a debate coming up in New Hampshire, and they have excluded Ron Paul. They have refused to invite him to the debate, despite the fact that he has raised more money and is polling higher than many candidates that have been invited to the debate.

I've written about Fox New's hatred of Paul before; my previous post on this issue is short and is located here. This is another blatant attempt to subvert democracy. Its absolutely outrageous. Other GOP candidates should take a stand in defense of Paul and refuse to attend the debate unless all viable candidates are invited. Since most of the GOP candidates are slimebags and would do no such principled act, we'll have to hope that those that are not slimebags (ie, John McCain) will do so alone.

Here is a more detailed roundup of the situation.

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